Joey Potter


Joey Potter is a professional artist and still photographer from Decatur Georgia, where he has been active in visual design and communication graphics for over 4 decades. His award-winning photographs have been shown nationally and collected privately across the US. He is a frequent exhibitor at PB&J Gallery in Atlanta. He is an active member of the Decatur Digital Photography Meetup group as Monthly Assignments Organizer, and Assistant Organizer. He is a contributing photographer to Lenscratch, Lens Culture, The Nature Conservancy, JPGMagazine and Fotoblur.

Photographs are an intimate conversation between artist and viewer. They are metaphors to real life, extract slices of time, one frame at a time. Each of my images are an autobiography of observed experiences and collected memories based on my understanding of the world around me, influenced by the juxtapositions and interactions of the natural universe with the man-made world. They are a personal expression of visual storytelling, rooted in a desire to explore hidden truths, historic context and a sense of time. They are truthful fiction or factual untruths. My images are defined by light, inspired by imagination, informed by intuition, grounded in education and motivated by a natural curiosity “to see more”.